UK cities expected to face water shortages by 2040 revealed

Research has revealed the UK cities which will face water shortages by 2040, as extreme temperatures caused by the climate crisis will lead to more frequent droughts.

Lancaster has the highest chance of facing water shortages, with an 80% rise in water stress levels by 2040, according to the study by Sanctuary Bathrooms.

London, Birmingham, Leicester and Northampton are all set to see high increases in water stress levels of around 40-80%, as well as areas in the South like Brighton, Bedford and Cambridge.

Residents in the South and South East of England are more likely to experience public water supply droughts due to existing and growing population density, less rainfall and requirements for housing and property developments.

green and brown rock formation beside lake during daytime

South East Rivers Trust has said the South East of England will need an extra billion litres of water to meet demand in the area by 2050.

Major cities including Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bristol are predicted to experience medium water stress levels, while areas such as Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield and Cardiff are at less risk of experiencing water stress in the next 20 years.

England is currently experiencing its driest summer in 100 years, with hot weather and a lack of rainfall is drying up reservoirs across the country.

To tackle this a hosepipe and sprinkler ban was announced yesterday for Kent and Sussex to commence next week, restricting two million people from watering their gardens.

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will also be subject to hosepipe bans from this Friday and bans could be on there way for residents in London, Thames Valley and Yorkshire too.

This follows advice from the National Infrastructure Committee (NIC) which has recommended hosepipe bans and compulsory water metering to manage water supplies.

NIC chairman Sir John Armitt has also called for the government to invest an extra £20bn in water supply equipment, as told to The Observer.

Photo by Arushi Kavdia


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