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EJ Editor: Austin Macauley
EJ Editor: Austin Macauley

Environment Journal aims to highlight cutting edge practice from across the globe, champion innovation and lead debate on the key sustainability issues facing local government and its partners in the UK. It is bridging the gap between those who are developing solutions to pressing issues ranging from pollution to greener transport and practitioners tasked with putting ideas into practice.

The environment field in local government is growing in significance and represents a key area for councils to generate new income streams. This will continue in the years to come with areas such as waste management and renewables at the forefront of helping local authorities achieve their wider objectives to sustain local services, create sustainable communities and mitigate climate change.

Environment Journal is responding to that shift. Many of our contributors work in these sectors – bringing a practical slant to what can be highly complex and technical disciplines. The website is therefore embedded in the sector, creating a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and strive for excellence.

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