Global project to create national parks in the ocean

A new project will create a global network of ocean sanctuaries to help the ocean become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. 

Project Zero has mapped out a series of global network projects from Antarctica to the Bering Strait that will be protected to restore the ocean’s health.

Each network will be like a national park in the ocean where no one can drill, mine, fish or pollute – an ocean sanctuary where the ocean can return to its natural state as an optimally performing, oxygen-producing and carbon dioxide absorbing powerhouse.

The project leaders are hoping to secure funding by launching a Kickstarter.

The new campaign offers all backers on Kickstarter the opportunity to ‘claim their coordinate’ by adopting a piece of the ocean in Sri Lanka with the size reflective of the donation level.

Pledges start for as little as £5 rewarding donors with 500 m² of the ocean. Each ocean backer will receive an Official Certificate with their unique coordinates, as well as updates on progress along with introductions to the people and creatures who benefit from the funds.

Project Zero CEO and founder Michele Clarke said: ‘During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen incredible visions of our planet seemingly restoring itself.

‘But when the lockdown lifts things might worsen as governments have weakened environmental regulations. The climate crisis is an irreversible transformation.

‘There is no vaccine to save us. We must not take our attention away from the climate crisis. Restoring the ocean is a clear path forward to create tangible progress to turn the tide on the climate crisis.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay


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