HomeBiogas promises waste-to-energy win, weather regardless

More than 30,000 systems have been installed in 100 countries prior to arriving in Britain, which can significantly reduce domestic emissions.

HomeBiogas technology essentially captures methane from our food waste, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, and uses this to produce cooking gas – a safe and healthy alternative to standard natural gas.

Home BioGas

As a bonus, it also provides an organic bio-fertiliser, which is suitable for gardening. According to analysis, this can offer a 200% increase in the amount of micronutrients present in the soil, making it easier to be more successful at growing plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

For the first time ever, the HomeBiogas system is being made available to UK customers with a new Booster Kit, mitigating the impact of the country’s notoriously unreliable weather. This includes the system itself, a Thermo Regulator which automatically shuts off to maintain optimal heat levels, a Thermo Shield, which acts as a protective barrier between the system and environment, and a HDPE ground insulation sheet, preventing energy loss through the floor. 

‘HomeBiogas is sold in over 100 countries around the world, while some of them suffer from cold climates, especially in the winter months. Now, for the first time, the HomeBiogas system will be able to produce biogas all year long in the UK, with no dependency on external factors such as the weather. This is a very big step for people wanting to help the earth by upcycling their food waste, lowering their carbon footprint and creating renewable energy everywhere around the world, in any climate.”

Image: Noi Enav

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