Good Energy announces update to services, new products

The 100% renewable supplier and energy services provider is again scaling up its offering to domestic and business customers.

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Corporations and organisations can now receive 24-hour ‘carbon free energy’ (CFE) data, allowing them to track usage and better gauge how to alter and adapt operations to achieve the lowest carbon output.

‘Time-based energy matching’, as the solution is known, is considered far more accurate than the current unit of measurement – Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin – and has already been adopted by the likes of Google. The UN has also now created a carbon-free energy compact to push this approach forward. 

Good Energy’s business customers use a combined terawatt of electricity each year, this service – the first of its kind on the UK market – can therefore offer a boost to existing decarbonisation efforts.  

In October, the company introduced a new smart export tariff, open to any domestic account holders generating clean energy. Solar Savings looks to reward these customers with a new higher rate for electricity rate, which will be paid at 15p per kWh. This is a 50% increase on the previous price.

The supplier has also joined the National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service for this winter, and introduced a Power Pause programme, which rewards people who limit energy consumption at peak times with credit into bills. This helps avoid the need for back up power generation to be utilised for the country’s network, which often involves highly polluting fossil fuels and infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, both domestic and business customers can also benefit from a number of targeted measures for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Firstly, from November a new Standard (Smart) EV tariff will apply, bringing off-peak rates down to 9.41p/kWh, charged between midnight and 4.59AM each day. Peak rates begin at 34.63p/kWh but vary depending on region, and to be eligible for off-peak savings you must have smart meter access.

Finally, EV drivers will now be able to access a suite of new features through Zapmap, including Search, Plan and Pay options. This will improve awareness of where EV charge points are located across the UK, help better gauge the optimal route to take into account refueling facilities, and pay for power across various networks. 

Today’s update illustrates the hard work we have been doing to develop a new suite of services that can enable, incentivise and accelerate the UK’s transition to clean energy,’ said Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive Officer at Good Energy. ‘Good Energy is providing industry-leading products across solar, EV and smart tariffs, in addition to our end-to-end hassle free heat pump installation services.’

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