Data reveals countries with fastest growing wind energy sectors

Research has been visualised to show the nations that invested the most in turbines and infrastructure between 2010 and 2020. 

Unsurprisingly, the two largest economies on the planet lead the charge — China’s wind power grew the most during the analysis period, climbing by 426.56KWh. This was almost twice the figure posted by second place US, which managed 243.29KWh. 

Numbers were gleaned from theglobaleconomy’s records, which calculates national energy production rates across multiple sources. These include hydroelectricity, nuclear, wind and solar, alongside other non-renewables. 

The UK rated fourth in this table. This could see that position increase if campaigners and political allies manage to end the de-facto ban on onshore wind power developments that many consider is significantly holding energy transition back. 

It’s important to note that calculations are based on an overall output, not per capita. As such, while China and America’s growth looks impressive, the actual spend may be less than others simply because the countries have such high populations compared with many other nations. 

Looking in this way, investment in Indian wind power is lagging far behind. Now the world’s most populated state, its sector only grew by 46.49KWh in the decade to 2020. However, as of April 2023, India’s wind power generation was fourth overall in the world, only falling behind China, USA, and Germany, with 10% of the countries entire energy provision now coming from turbines. 

The visualisation was conducted by Distrelec, which has done a similar thing to calculate the countries that are leading the way in alternative energy sources based on the percentage of their overall needs that have now transitioned away from fossil fuels. Take a look below. 




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