Gen Alpha, Gen Z demand green spaces and robot litter pickers

Research by one of the UK’s leading green energy suppliers shows widespread support for wider park coverage and automated waste management.

The survey, conducted by E.ON, includes perspectives from 2,000 children aged between eight and 16 years. 58% wanted to see more green spaces in British cities, while 54% would like plastic waste to drop, 47% support the installation of solar panels on all buildings and bus stops, and 19% ‘dreamed’ of robot litter collections. 

Almost half also added that greater harmony between people and wildlife should be a priority. 

Schoolchildren in Coventry, the UK home of E.ON, have also been asked to create a new mural showing the green city of the future. They were also quizzed on what it would take for Coventry to be considered ‘green’. Cleaner air was the most frequent answer, followed by electric-only public transport, including buses and trams, while 34% only wanted electric vehicles on the roads. Others suggested a need for robot litter pickers. 

‘Through this mural, we hope to further raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in cities like Coventry, and indeed across the country, as well as the changes we can all make to help build a greener future. ‘Our Imagined Future’ is a great way to visualise children’s inspiring and creative solutions to make our cities greener, more sustainable and better places to live,’ said Ben Tuck at E.ON. 

Earlier this year, Environment Journal published a list of the UK’s greenest areas. Meanwhile, a previous study found that one-third of city residents in the UK was considering moving to rural or less densely built up areas to have more access to green space. 

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Image: Hayley C / E.ON / Cover Images 


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