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UK Power Networks announces net-zero strategy

The UK’s largest electricity distributor has teamed up with the Carbon Trust to set science-based net-zero targets. 

Working with the Carbon Trust, the company has mapped its carbon footprint of all of its emissions, including its supply chain.

Based on these emissions, the company has modelled the actions it will take to reduce emissions in line with international net-zero targets.

The key commitments to deliver before 2028 are:

  • Use only renewable electricity from renewable sources in its buildings
  • Increase use of sustainable materials like low carbon concrete, and use less
  • Replace all its suitable vans and cars with electric vehicles (around two-thirds of the fleet), making sure areas with poor air quality get EVs first
  • Recycle 80% of its waste, and send nothing that can be recycled to landfill
  • Introduce lower carbon fuels and hybrids into its mobile generator fleet
  • Create new wildlife habitats on 100 substation sites, building new hedgerows, ponds and introducing wildflower meadows
  • Make its offices more energy efficient by installing LED lights, solar panels, and low carbon heating
  • Work in partnership with suppliers to help reduce their carbon emissions

Mark Adolphus, UK Power Networks’ director of health, safety, sustainability and connections said: ‘We have an important role to play in enabling the UK’s transition to a Net Zero energy system, and also make sure that as a company we operate in the most sustainable way.

‘Our customers, stakeholders and our regulator have been clear – the environment is a priority for them and we listen to that. Our ambition is to go further and faster so we have set challenging, but achievable, targets. We have combined our insights with those of expert stakeholders, considering international best practice and responding to the views of our customers, to make this promise today.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay

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