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Recycled gym aims for inspiration and perspiration

What’s believed to be the UK’s first ever gym made from recycled aerosols and deodorant cans has been launched in London.

The community gym, at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, was created in a sustainability partnership between Right Guard, recycling company TerraCycle and The Great Outdoor Gym Company ahead of the World Athletics Championships in August.

Some 50 public drop-off points in communities across the country were set up to collect old deodorant and antiperspirant cans. The Great Outdoor Gym Company then repurposed the aluminum to create premium gym equipment for public use at the iconic London venue.

It took more than 2,500 cans – equating to 113kg of recycled aluminium – to construct the gym. The facility also includes equipment with electricity generating capabilities so that users can light up their surroundings and charge phones.

Photo credit: Phil Bourne

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