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Young people call for more climate change education in schools

Young people want more climate change education in schools, according to a new survey commissioned by Zurich Insurance.

The survey which was conducted on over 2,000 people aged between 7-17 in the UK found that over one third (32%) of 7-17-year-olds want climate change and sustainability topics to be covered at school.

The survey also revealed that 24% of young people think their voices are not currently being listened to in the climate change debate.

Half of the respondents were in support of a ban on non-recyclable plastics and a quarter were in favour of businesses being taxed according to the carbon emissions.

Laura McAlpine, head of Sustainability at Zurich, said: ‘Climate change presents a threat to our way of life – and one that is no less real as we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘While it’s important that we do all we can to help a safe return to normality, it’s clear that for most Brits, we must do this in a way that helps protect the environment.’

This research comes ahead of Zurich’s youth Against Carbon Conference next month, where an all-youth panel will debate a range of topics, from lessons to be taken from Covid-19 lockdown measures to issues including fast fashion, food consumption, plastic usage, eco-travel and transport pollution.

Photo Credit – Pixabay

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