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Inaction on climate change threatens the survival of all species, warn scientists

Biodiversity loss and accelerating climate change coupled with inaction are threatening the survival of all species, including our very own, warn a group of international scientists. 

The 17 leading scientists from institutions including UCLA and Stanford University have produced a comprehensive assessment of the state of civilisation, warning that the outlook is more dire and dangerous than is generally understood.

The researchers state that world leaders need a ‘cold shower’ regarding the state of our environment.

Lead author Professor Corey Bradshaw of Flinders University in Australia said: ‘Humanity is causing a rapid loss of biodiversity and, with it, Earth’s ability to support complex life.

‘But the mainstream is having difficulty grasping the magnitude of this loss, despite the steady erosion of the fabric of human civilization.

‘In fact, the scale of the threats to the biosphere and all its lifeforms is so great that it is difficult to grasp for even well-informed experts.

‘The problem is compounded by ignorance and short-term self-interest, with the pursuit of wealth and political interests stymying the action that is crucial for survival.’

Professor Paul Ehrlich FROM Stanford University added: ‘Stopping biodiversity loss is nowhere close to the top of any country’s priorities, trailing far behind other concerns such as employment, healthcare, economic growth, or currency stability.

‘While it is positive news that President-elect Biden intends to reengage the US in Paris Climate accord within his first 100 days of office, it is a minuscule gesture given the scale of the challenge.’

In related news, a new report conducted by  The Tyndall Centre on behalf of Friends of the Earth has warned that carbon capture technology will not solve the climate crisis, report says

According to the report, the vast majority (81%) of carbon captured globally to date has been used to extract more oil via the process of Enhanced Oil Recovery.

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